Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day with the Grandkids

Dani and Travas's kids have been up here for a couple of days.
Dani and Travas went to a Tattoo convention yesterday and his Einstein tattoo took second place.
We took the kids to the Taste of Edmonds yesterday and met Travis and Cassie and girls and Alex's friend, Brittani there. We got there in time to see most of The Coats concert. Our older kids used to go watch this group at Crossroads Mall when they were first starting, the group even came to Dani's college in Utah and she saw them there. They were called The Trenchcoats then but after the shooting at Columbine High School they had to change their name because someone said their website had something to do with the shooters (or something like that.) They are a great acappella group and they still sound really good, probably better than I remember.

Here is a video of Chiana dancing as they sing:

Last night all six grandkids slept over here. Most of us watched the opening Olympics opening ceremony. Here are some pictures of them sleeping on our new leather recliner couches:

Tanner, Chiana, Alex

Josie, Emily, Tiara

1:20 AM and all of the kids are asleep only the camera flash lights up the room.

The kids had a good time today playing inside and outside, it rained off and on but that didn't bother them:

Since this is a long blog anyway so I'm going to put up some pictures of the yard that I took today because so many flowers are out and it is such a pretty time of year.
(click on any of the pictures to see larger pictures.)

To see all of today's pictures and more go to:

Here's some more videos of the kids singing Celtic Thunder: