Monday, April 7, 2008

Books I've read lately

I've decided to talk/blog about the books that I have read lately. It seems that I don't do much with my life but I do read a lot. Although I am basically a mystery buff I read lots of stuff. I'm pursuing several different genres and series right now.

In the last week I've read the middle two Maximum Ride books, "School's Out -- Forever" and "Saving the World", by James Patterson and the seventh book in his Women's Murder Club series, "Seventh Heaven".
Max and her flock are great, I hope they finally get some rest in the last book. "Seventh Heaven" is as good as the rest of the series. Patterson is a great writer, no one makes a book move as fast as he does - maybe it's the short chapters...

I read the second book in the dragon series by Naomi Novik, "Throne of Jade".
I love the dragon, Temeraire, and Laurence. I've been studying more about the Napoleanic wars since reading this series. I loved the trip to China in this book and seeing how the dragons are treated there in contrast to how they are treated in the western world.

I read Jessica Day George's book called "Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow".
This is a good retelling of East of the Sun and West of the Moon/Beauty and the Beast. I'm looking forward to reading her book, "Dragon Slippers" - it just came today.

And just today I read the Whitney Awards LDS 2007 book of the year written by Coke Newell called "On the Road to Heaven".
I can see why it won, I really enjoyed the book and read it most of the night. He is a really good author and has a way with words--I'm afraid that I can't say that about many LDS authors.

I've also started listening to the third Children of the Lamp series book on my Ipod, "Cobra King of Kathmandu".
I wasn't going to finish this series, but find that I am interested in what happens to the Djinn twins, Phillipa and John, so off we go on another adventure. And I just saw on that there is a fourth book...

I am daily reading from "The Book of Mormon Made Easier, Part III" by David Ridges.
I enjoy his insights and notes as I read a chapter each day. For some reason I am not enjoying this third book as much as the last one, it might be because it is the newest edition and has more comments or something.


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