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52 Ancestors: #5 David H. Cannon (1838-1924)

David H. Cannon is my great grandfather. He is the father of my dear Grandma Clara Burgess. There Has been much written on David H. including on my website: I will post his family members, a new portrait, photo and map in this blog posting.
Portrait by Dan Weggeland
David Henry Cannon was born on 23 April 1838 in Liverpool, England. His parents were George and Ann Quayle Cannon, both from the Isle of Man (an island between England and Ireland.)
David H. Cannon's family joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1840 while living in England. In 1842 the Cannon family left for America on the ship, Sidney.  David's mother, Ann lost her life during the journey and was buried at sea. Four-year-old David had to be tied to the mast to be prevented from throwing himself into the sea after his mother. David remembered this devastating moment for the rest of his life.
Site where Ann Cannon was buried at sea.

David's father lost his life two years later. The orphan Cannon children later journeyed with the rest of the Saints from Nauvoo, Illinois across the plains to Utah and settled in Salt Lake City.

David H. served two missions for the Church. Soon after returning home from England he and his wife were called to the Cotton Mission in Southern Utah. David's family moved to St. George and he lived there the rest of his life. He always said that he hadn't been released from that mission. He later served as the president of the St. George Temple for over 30 years.
The Temple was at the edge of town

David H. Cannon died on 27 December 1924 and was buried in the St. George City Cemetery

   David Henry Cannon's wives and children-

   First wife:
Wilhelmina Logan Mousley Cannon (1840-1918)
married: 15 January 1859 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
David Henry Cannon 1860-1944 ​
Ann Mousley Cannon 1864-1865
George Quayle Cannon 1866-1884 ​
Elizabeth Munn Cannon 1869-1869 ​
Amanda Mousley Cannon 1870-1889 ​
Angus Mousley Cannon  1872-1947
Wilhelmina Mousley Cannon -1875-1927​
Lewis Ray Cannon 1878-1963 ​
Josephine Cannon 1881-1944 ​
Frank Cannon 1883-1961 ​

   Second wife: 
Josephine Langley Crossgrove Cannon (1848-1929)
Married: 19 October 1867 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Charles Crossgrove Cannon (1869-1870)
John Crossgrove Cannon (1871-1877)​
Mary Alice Cannon (1873-1874)​
Effie Cannon (1875-1875)​
Leonora Crossgrove Cannon (1876-1899)​
Erastus Snow Cannon (1878-1883)
Bayard Cannon (1881-1968)
Eugene Crossgrove Cannon (1883-1955)
Theresa Cannon (1885-1979)
Claude Cannon (1887-1976)​
Raymond Cannon (1890-1977)

   Third Wife:
Rhoda Ann Knell Cannon (1858-1945)
Married: 20 June 1877 in St. George, Washington, Utah
Evaline Knell Cannon (1878-1959)​
Robert Knell Cannon (1879-1880)​
Wilford Woodruff Cannon (1880-1973)​
Clarence Cannon (1883-1883)​
Rhoda Knell Cannon (1885-1914)​
Walter Cannon (1888-1957)​
Clara Cannon (1891-1990)
Vernon Cannon (1894-1970)
Douglas Cannon (1897-1985)
Earl Cannon (1900-1985)
Harold B Cannon (1903-1992) ​

Personal Histories by David H. Cannon
Journal of George Cannon

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