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52 Ancestors: #7 Hyrum Henry Rose (1852-1913)

My Grandma, Hilda Palmer's father was Hyrum Henry Rose. He is my mother's grandfather and my great grandfather

Hyrum Henry Rose was born near and was christened in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England which is near Birmingham. His parent were Sarah Commander and John Rose. He was the middle of their three sons, George Charles (1840), Hyrum Henry (1852), and John Jr (1854).

Hyrum's parents joined the LDS Church while in England and emigrated to America in 1861 with a group of other members from Birmingham and other Saints - 623 in number - on the ship Underwriter.

John Rose 35, Sarah Rose 39, George Rose 20, Hyrum Rose 7, John T Baker? 20 

 The passenger manifest lists John, Sarah, George and Hyrum.  Hyrum's brother, John (Jr) is not listed on the ship list so he apparently died before the family left England. It says they came from Gamenon Bdgs Horley St. Birmingham.
Clipper Ship Approaching Castle Garden, ca. 1860
Ships simply dropped anchor here briefly while passengers and luggage were taken ashore in smaller boats.
 The Rose family came ashore at Castle Garden in New York City on 22 May 1861 after a journey of a month. They did not immediately go to Utah but stayed in the New York City area to work for a year to help pay for the rest of the journey. This was also during the Civil War which sometimes limited travel.
Hyrum Rose and his family journeyed across the plains to Utah in the Homer Duncan Company departing from Florence, Nebraska on 22 July 1862 and arriving in the Salt Lake Valley on 24 September 1862. Hyrum was ten years old at this time.
The Rose family settled in the Mill Creek area of the Salt Lake Valley and Hyrum and his parents are living there in the 1870 census. Hyrum's mother Sarah passed away in 1875. By the time of the 1880 census is married with two children living in Mill Creek with his family and his father. Hyrum is working as a lumberman at this time.

Hyrum Henry Rose and Eldora Lefler were married in Salt Lake City on July 4, 1876. They eventually made their home in Woodland, Summit County, Utah where Hyrum had a sawmill. They were married for 20 years and had six children together before divorcing: Hyrum Edward 1877, Maud 1880, Richard 1881, Sarah 1883, Frances 1886, Vivian 1889.

Hyrum and Eldora were divorced in 1895 in a very acrimonious case as you can see as you read some of the proceedings.

Hyrum apparently sold or lost his sawmill in Summit county. As he never lived in that area again.

On August 20, 1896 Hyrum Rose and Ann Adams were married in St. George, Utah. Ann was the daughter of John S. and Mary Elizabeth Adair Adams. Hyrum was 44 and Ann was 19 years old at the time of their marriage.

Ann and Hyrum had an interesting life together full of ups and downs. They lived many places and in many states. They had five children together but sadly their first three children passed away as babies. Annie, Blanche and William Hyrum were all born and died while their parents were living in Arizona. Hilda Grace (my grandmother) was born in northern New Mexico and John Adams (Jack) was born in Utah.

Waiting with others for the opening of Vernal  area for homesteading
Besides their time in Arizona Hyrum and Ann also lived in Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah and Nevada in their short 17 years together. They lived in mining camps, tried their hand at homesteading, running stores and eventually ended in Salt Lake City because of Hyrum's poor health.

Hyrum died on December 16, 1913 of Bright's Disease (kidney disease). Leaving Ann as a widowed mother age 36 with 11 year old Hilda and 5 year old Jack. Hyrum was laid to rest in the Salt Lake City Cemetery near his parents and brother. He does not have a grave marker.


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