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52 Ancestors: #8 Ann Adams Rose Watts

My Grandmother Hilda Palmer's mother was Ann Adams Rose Watts. She is my great grandmother.

Ann Page Adams was born in Pahreah, Kane County Utah Territory on 19 March 1877. The town is no longer there. It was in the are now known as Paria Canyon. Her parents were John S. and Mary Elisabeth Adair Adams. Ann is the oldest of her mother's thirteen children. Her father also had three daughters from an earlier marriage. Ann's father was adopted as a child; his birth name was Page. Ann and her siblings began using Page as a middle name when they were older because of this.

Ann's family lived several places in Utah and Arizona - Adairville, Snowflake, Pinetop - when she was a child. She saw old chief Geronimo and Apache Kid as a girl in Arizona and also three men hung by a vigilante committee.
I don't know if Ann is in this picture
Ann's family moved back to Utah when she was sixteen. She worked as a weaver for three years at the cotton mill in Washington, Utah.

Ann married Hyrum Henry Rose on 20 August 1896 in St. George, Utah. She was 19, he was 44.

Ann and Hyrum moved  to White Hills, Arizona, a mining camp, where three children were born to them, all dying young. Their oldest girl Annie was born  on May 27, 1897. She only lived 5 days and was buried at White Hills June 3, 1897. Next fall they went to Chloride for a while. Here, their daughter, Blanch was born June 5, 1898. She lived 8 months and died after she fell from a swinging bed. They went back to White Hills, stayed one summer, moved to Chloride Depot where Hyrum Rose and a Mr. Averett ran a short order house or restaurant. Their son, William Henery was born Sept. 15, 1899 and died Sept. 20, 1899. He was buried at Chloride, Arizona.

Hyrum and Ann Rose then moved to Cottonwood, Arizona near the mining camp in Jerome. They also lived in Globe, Ariz. for two winters. They next went to New Mexico and lived several places - Las Vegas, Cimarron, Tucumcari.
Historic Cimarron, New Mexico

Their daughter, Hilda Grace Rose (my grandmother) was born in Cimarron, New Mexico on October 7, 1902.

13 miners lost their lives in the platform explosion
Hyrum, Ann and daughter, Hilda moved on to Colorado - Cripple Creek and Trinidad. Hyrum was working at the Anaconda mine during the 1903-1904 Labor War there and just missed being on the railway platform that was blown up. They lived there for two years

The Rose Family were among those at the opening of reservation land in Uintah territory. They also lived in Price and Spring Glen, Utah where Hyrum had a store. Their son, John Adams Rose (Jack) was born in Spring Glen, Utah on March 12, 1908. The family later went to Nevada - Ely and Kimberly.
Hyrum Rose's health had failed so the family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah to see a specialist. This did not help and sadly, Hyrum Rose lost his life on December 16, 1913 and was buried near his parents in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.  During his sickness Ann did much hard work such as men's laundry, raising and selling vegetables, house cleaning, sewing, and many other things to keep the family.
/Ann's family in Annabelle, Utah. Ann is second from the right - back row.
After Mr. Rose died in Salt Lake City. Ann went to her people at Annabelle, Sevier County, Utah where she worked at anything she could do to make a living for her two children.

On the 22 of April 1915 Ann and her two children moved to Aurora, Utah to keep house for her late cousin's husband. She stayed with Benjamin Watts and his eleven year old daughter, Miriam till the 8 of September 1915 when Ann and Benjamin were married. Her two children, Hilda and Jack went with her. In 1918 their daughter, Lola was born and a son, Archie was born Sept 27, 1921. Sadly, Archie passed away unexpectedly when he was just 18 years of age.
Ben, Archie, Ann, Lola Watts
Ann lived the rest of her life in Aurora, Utah. Her vagabond days were over. She and Ben Watts were married for twenty-seven years when Ann passed away on January 1, 1943. She is buried in the Aurora town cemetery.


A Sketch of Thrilling Events in the Life of Ann (Page) Adams Rose Watts written by herself
Ann Rose journals in possession of CB Alldredge

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